Collective Arts tipsar om kanadensisk musik.

Det kanadensiska bryggeriet Collective Arts handlar om så mycket mer än bara att brygga god öl. Man kombinerar fantastiska drycker med konstverk kombinerat med musik. I bryggeriets lokaler i Ontario har man en stor scen där man kontinuerligt ordnar konserter och andra evenemang. Ölkollen fick en pratstund med Toni Shelton, Communications Manager på Collective Arts.

You just hosted the Liquid Art Festival. Can you tell us about that project?
The Liquid Art Festival is our annual creative collision of beer, art and music. Over 60 breweries from Canada, the United States, Australia, China, Sweden and more came to our brewery in Hamilton, Ontario. Over 2 days and 3 sessions there was 360 beers to sample, 6 live artists and 15 bands playing on two stages. Can’t wait for next year!

Do you have any more upcoming events at the brewery?
We host stand up comedy shows, pop-up art galleries and trivia every month at the brewery and now that it’s summer and the weather is beautiful in Canada, our beergarden is open on weekends!

 What has been your favourite moment (musically) at the brewery?
– The Beaches are a Canadian rock band that headlined our festival last year. They were so epic and had just been nominated for a Juno award (Canadian music awards). Fast forward to a year later and they’re opening for the Rolling Stones!

The swedes really like Radio The Mothership. What would you recommend to listen to when you enjoy a can of RTM?
– Elliott Brood is a Canadian alt-country/rock band. They have a unique approach to roots music and bring an energy that’s perfect for a slow sipper like Radio. They’ve been on our cans, and in the Black Box.


Ölkollen passade även på att få lite tips på bra kanadensisk musik från gänget på Collective Arts.

Avnjutes fördelaktigt med en bra öl i handen.

Neil Young
Southern Man
Matt Johnston, Co-founder Collective Arts

Broken Social Scene
All I want
Bob Russell, Co-founder Collective Arts

Arcade Fire
Rebellion (Lies)
Dan Johnston, International Sales and Marketing Manager

John Lennon
Toni Shelton, Communications Manager

Let it die
Olivia Billeci, Music Relations/Compliance Officer

Birds of Bellwoods
Come Home
Jenn Pavicich, Business Operations Manager

Patrick Watson
Good Morning Mr. Wolf
Catherine Oppedisano, Marketing Director

Graeme Steele, Experience Manager

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