Surölsmästaren Boon släpper box på systembolaget

Fredag den 16 februari släpps en unik box med 4 olika fatlagrade geuze från lambicmästaren Frank Boon i Belgien. Boxen innehåller 4 olika geuze i flaskor om 375 ml. Artikel 1216. Pris 399,20 kr. En riktig raritet och ett måste för surölsälskaren.

De produkter som boxen innehåller är Oude Geuze Boon Vat 108, Oude Geuze Boon Vat 91, Oude Geuze Boon Vat 110, Oude Geuze Boon Vat 92.

Såhär beskriver Boon själva de olika ölen.

The highly subtle, elegant and gentle flavour of Traditional Oude Geuze, VAT 91, is due to foeder no. 91, which used to serve as a calvados cask in Normandy. Now this foeder produces an excellent, gentle Lambic, which is just perfect for Traditional Oude Geuze. VAT 91 is soft, full bodied, complex and well balanced. The unique oval shape of foeder no. 91 provides optimal use of warehouse space.

Oakwood, complex and perfectly balanced, with smoky and spicy touches This Traditional Oude Geuze is the favourite of our team of tasters. It is pleasantly full bodied, complex and has a few smoky and spicy touches. These unique flavours are due to the oak cask, which used to be used by red wine makers in France’s Rhône Valley. The oak leaves a clear mark on the general taste, adding an extremely welcome touch to the Lambic’s aroma.

The very wine-like accents in this Traditional Oude Geuze are combined with a distinctive ‘old beer’ character, which gives it a full-bodied and robust flavour, with unmistakable hints of volatileacidity that never overwhelmthe senses. Cask no. 108, dating from 1935, came to us from a different brewery, whose beers contained some volatile acidity. The foeder now adds a bit of character to all of our geuze blends.

VAT 110 owes its slightly dry but very full-bodied flavour, with a hint of vanilla and dry fruit, to foeder no. 110. This foeder used to serve as a cognac cask and has been used as a Lambic cask by our brewery since 2009. This Traditional Oude Geuze is characterised by a wealth of flavours that developed from the Brettanomyces yeast strains in the cask.

Artikelnummer 1216. Pris 399,20 kr.

Skrivet av Michael Karlberg 15 februari, 2018

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